TriangleDigger - excavator simulator


Project details

TriangleDigger - excavator simulator has been created as a part of the MSc thesis at the Computer Science discipline in AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. Some elements of this simulator have been done earlier, during the Computer Animation and Modeling in Computer Graphics courses.

Excavator simulator - software

The simulator application was written in C++, using SDL library. It allows real-time simulation of excavator work, very similar to its behaviour in real life. The main modules and features of the simulator are listed below:

  • physical simulations - rigid body dynamics, collision detection and response, resting contact using impulse methods, calculating basic properties of objects (represented by triangle mesh) including bounding boxes, moment of inertia (based on a bounding box), volume,
  • collision detection - broadphase (using bounding spheres and bounding boxes) and narowphase (on triangle meshes),
  • terrain model - simulation of digging process using ground plate, model of soil slippage, terrain mesh from heightmap, LOD for visualization,
  • excavator model - kinematics of monoblock, bending arm and groung plate due to changes in hydraulics system, driving mechanism of crawler excavator,
  • OBJ file model loader - triangle mesh for physics simulation and visualization + materials,
  • visualization using OpenGL.

Steering device

The steering device was designed on example of curently producted excavators. Its main futures are:

  • construction based on the Microchip PIC18F4550 microcontroller,
  • USB communication, HID class (automatic install, no additional driver required),
  • 2 foot pedals enabling separate drive of both chains,
  • 2 joysticks for undercariage rotation and monoblock, bending arm and ground plate movements.

More specific information and steering device schemes can be found in MSc thesis in download (only in Polish).

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